Charlie Bird opening in Nyc

Hey Food Fans

Ryan Hardy and Robert Bohr’s long awaited Charlie Bird opens tomorrow night in NYC. Go check it out, For reservations


April, 2013


Dear New York,

“This is a love letter to you and how you brought us together. Only in a city as electric as this could we bring you a place as eclectic as this.” (Beastie Boys, 2005)

Just like you, we dream of ditching work to sip rosé in the park and of hot summer nights that are right around the corner. We hope you’ll come and be a part of what we are when we open our doors next month – a place to celebrate life with what we know best – food and drink (crazy delicious food and drink, to be exact).

People keep asking who we are and where our name came from. Well, here it is – it was through a series of inspirations that are downtown New York: a history of street art, design, music, our 19th – century brick and mortar, and an abstract approach to be whoever we wanted to be, without boundaries. We are setting out to cook food that is meaningful to us and delicious, and we are careful not to label ourselves. Sure, there are jazz roots in hip hop, graffiti roots in Warhol, Basquiat and Haring, and Italian roots in our space, but overall we hold above all else a deep-seeded ideal to be creative and provide a welcoming place for you all to eat. Charlie Bird means New York.

Our space is local, spreading from the inside out; we’re organic in our approach and our delivery. Our team’s background is complex and while we hail from some of the finest dining establishments in the world, we just want to be your favorite, neighborhood joint.

The menu comes from New York’s farmers markets, Long Island fishing boats, country fields and the wondrous meanderings of spirited travelers with passionate palates. We’ll be crushing seafood, roasted meats, crazy good wine and creamy espresso. We’ll present a wine list broad enough for you to come by and enjoy wine with us every night or, you can be a baller and order something you can’t get anywhere else in the world. We’re Italian influenced, American executed and entirely New York. Built For You, By You

Styx at Belly Up

You know you loved Styx a long time ago, secretly you want to see them again

July 20th at the Belly Up, the Connected Concierge can get tickets before others so let us know.


Restaurant News

Aspen welcomes a new restaurant. This new Aspen restaurant, located on the corner of Hopkins Avenue and Monarch Street in Aspen Colorado, The White House will be the newest addition to Aspen’s dining scene. Occupying a house that has long been a staple in town, the historically preserved structure will feature a restaurant concept by Hillstone Restaurant Group. The interiors will be warm and inviting, with reclaimed wood floors, exposed brick, wood paneled walls, and banquette style seating. Scheduled to open mid-to late May

Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung (well sort of)! Lots of great moisture, vastly different than last summer when all the snow up high was pretty much gone by this point and it was 80 degree. Today’s high is expected to be in the mid-fifties with rain/snow predicted until Friday. With homes at this high of an elevation it is always tricky to determine when to start irrigation or plant. So far this spring it looks like we will have to wait until later this month. At our properties we are focusing on cleaning up the grounds so when it is time we are ready to go. Food and Wine is just 6 weeks away!Enjoy the view

Kids Summer Camps

Here are some great ideas for activities this summer for kids. Aspen Snowmass has so much to offer kids, whether it is exploring nature with ACES, Art at the Aspen Art Museum or Anderson Ranch.

Aspen Summer Camp Ideas


USA Pro Cycling Challenge Schedule


We are so thrilled the USA Pro Cycling Challenge returns to Aspen August 19th-25th. It is a great community event. Check out the route, they will be in the Aspen Valley for 3 days.



Fun Hideaway close to the Valley

For those who need a little R and R, Avalanche Ranch makes the perfect getaway close to the valley.

hideaway in Redstone

The Cabin